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If your air conditioning system has seen better days and you are ready to upgrade to a new more efficient system, then you can trust Champion’s Heating and Air consultants to take the time to study your home’s cooling needs and your personal living preferences to find the perfect system for you and your family.

A new high-efficiency air conditioning installed to factory specifications by trained technicians can dramatically reduce your energy bills. To make sure your system operates at top performance and maximum efficiency, we carefully control every step of the process.

  • All of our air conditioning condensate drains are piped with a special trap that is designed to detect blockages in the drain line. If such blockage occurs, the system will shut down, instead of backing up, avoiding costly damage to your home.
  • Whenever we need to pump the condensate away from your central AC unit, we use condensate pumps that incorporate safety switches that will shut down your system in the event of a failure.
  • We install quality, full-featured, 7-day programmable thermostats for your home or business to assure maximum energy savings.

What a great company! You can tell by the incredible employees. I needed to get both a new AC and Heating unit. They educated me so that I had options and learned what I needed vs. what I didn’t need aka helping me save a lot of money! They gave me and incredible price along with incredible service and they worked really hard to get the job done quickly for me. I highly recommend!